Conference Agenda

The conference will be limited to 150 thought leaders and decision makers in using mobile technologies to increase development impact.


Coffee and Registration


Opening Keynote: The Long and Bumpy Road to Mobile Impact
Gustav Praekelt, Praekelt Foundation, will open the conference with a critical look back on mobile impact in the developing world over the last five to 10 years, sharing both successes and failures in using mobiles to improve development results.


Ignite-style Lightning Talks: Reflections on What’s Been Done
Those on the front lines will share good and bad experiences in using mobiles in development with a focus on unfiltered examples of what has worked or not, in short, snappy five-minute presentations.
Confirmed Presenters
Aaron Dibner-Dunlap, Innovations for Poverty Action
Elvis Mushi, Twaweza
Eric Couper, Ethiopia Agricultural Transformation Agency
Harlo Holmes, Guardian Project
Jessica Heinzelman, DAI
Jossekin Beilharz, SeeSaw
Merrick Schaefer, World Bank


Morning Coffee Break
A time to network with peers, reflect on the morning’s presentations, and participate in hands-on demonstrations of the latest mobile technologies.


Q/A Panel Session: Breaking Down Walls
What are the lessons we’ve learned across development sectors? What can mHealth, mEducation, mAgriculture, mFinance, and other mSectors teach us about what has worked, what didn’t, what was expected or not? Respected leaders in development will have a lively debate on how to break down the walls between sectors, get out of our vertical silos, and start talking with (not just at) each other.
Confirmed participants:
Pamela Riley, Abt Associates
Hamilton McNutt, Nethope/GBI
Tony Bloome, mEducation Alliance
Lee Babcock, ACDI/VOCA
Ian Schuler, New Rights Group


Lunch Keynote: The Future of Mobiles and Development
Chris Locke, GSMA Mobiles for Development, will share his thoughts on: Where are we going? What might the future look like? What are the future crossroads of the mobile industry and international development?


Ignite-style Lightning Talks: What’s Still Missing?
Technologists and development practitioners will challenge us to ask, “What are the mobile approaches we should be talking about?” and “What interventions are missing from development?” during short, snappy five-minute presentations.
Confirmed Presenters
Beth Gertz, GSMA mWomen
Chrissy Martin, MEDA
Christopher Burns, USAID
Fergus Hanson, Walk Free
Grant Tutor, Ogilvy & Mather
Hannah Bowen, Malaria No More
Jonathan Donner, Microsoft
Mike Dawson, Paiwastoon


Afternoon Coffee Break
A time to network with peers, reflect on the afternoon’s presentations, and participate in hands-on demonstrations of the latest mobile technologies.


Q/A Panel Session: Funding a Mobile Future
How are we going to fund this future vision? What are new models for financing and sustainability? New and emerging funders will debate the different models and approaches to achieve financial sustainability—from peer-to-peer donations and freemium models to venture capital investments and government ownership.
Confirmed Participants:
Mari Kuraishi, Global Giving
Karl Brown, Rockefeller Foundation
Boris Bogatin, Lumia Capital
Paul Breloff, Accion Venture Lab
Greta Greathouse, DAI


Big Ideas Reception

The evening reception will be open to the public. Anyone interested in using mobiles to increase development impact is welcome to attend (RSVP required).


Cocktail Reception
A time to network with peers, reflect on the conference, and share your ideas with the wider development community.


Big Ideas Presentations
There is much to celebrate in using mobiles for development, but we are still in just the beginning stages of what will be a transformational experience for everyone. As we look into the future, what are the big trends that are shaping the mobile ecosystem, international development, and the global social, economic, and political realities?
Respected thinkers from beyond our typical development circles will inspire us with TED Talk style presentations on:

  • Local Solutions: Every day the world gets flatter. New innovations and entrepreneurs are emerging that are disrupting our notions of who is “developing” or “developed.” Vérone Mankou of VMK Tech will help us understand how can we embrace and accelerate local solutions.
  • Scale: We all want to reach hundreds of thousands or even millions of people with our interventions. But few have. Toni Maraviglia of Eneza Education will lead us through the prerequisites for country-wide impact.
  • Sensors With the drop in sensor prices and the ubiquity of mobile, the Internet of Things is coming quick, and it’s gonna talk back. Louis Dorval of MEST Incubator, will give us a vision of a sensor-filled future that changes everything.
  • Institutionalization As an M4D community, we’ve done a lot to spur new ideas and deepen sector programs, but where is the focus? Priya Jaisinghani of USAID will discuss how we can move from an assortment of ideas and programs to a coordinated industry

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